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Best Free Unlimited VPN for PC - Unlimited Data/Access

Free unlimited VPN for PC gives you private access to unlimited traffic/bandwidth, unlimited access to videos, social media, games, and more on the internet.

VPN or popularly known as Virtual Private Network is something that has become extremely important, especially in the present threat-prone internet space. With a VPN, you will be able to protect your network connection from any external threat. Moreover, a VPN encrypts the traffic on the internet and further disguises your identity on the internet. So, with the right VPN, you can say goodbye to all the malicious third-party users, who try to steal your personal information or even plan to track your activities.  

 Free Unlimited VPN for PC

A VPN gives private access to the internet is a basic function. Many users are seeking a free unlimited VPN for PC - unlimited traffic, unlimited servers, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited access... This article is going to help you uncover one such exclusive free VPN that is equipped with exclusive encryption along with unlimited features. So, let's get started.  

The idea of a free unlimited VPN for PC might seem quite interesting. However, a question arises is "what exactly is a free unlimited VPN?". Is it about unlimited traffic, unlimited free access, or unlimited time? When you come across a free unlimited VPN, specifically for PC, it means a VPN software equipped with unlimited time and traffic features at truly no cost for PC equipment. With the help of an unlimited VPN free for PC, you are going to enjoy browsing the internet. The market has several free VPNs, yet they are not truly efficient. Some may have limited time and traffic features while the others would lag so badly that you would certainly want to just get it removed. Choosing a free Unlimited VPN randomly could also hamper your security. But that doesn't mean there are no options in the market. 

The iTop VPN is one of the leading options in the market for free unlimited VPN for PC. It has proven to be effective in terms of speed, security, and compatibility measures. The iTop VPN would foster extensive encryption for your internet-based unlimited traffic while deploying robust banking-grade encryption to keep you hidden from all the digital con-artists and hackers. The free unlimited VPN service from iTop is something worth taking a look at. Its unlimited access allows you to any social media, streaming videos, and game platforms.

The unlimited VPN free for PC iTop VPN offers secluded access to the internet. You can certainly hide IP address while encrypting all the data on your network to ensure the safety and privacy of your identity and location. Moreover, it also restricts tracking of your network's activity from any external source. The platform has exceptional features including the "Automated Kill Switch" and other smart tools and functions. The following is to elaborate on its unlimited features.

  • Unlimited Access. iTop VPN has a professional research and design team. Almost all platforms or scenes to use a VPN has been taken into consideration. You can get unlimited access to any platform that has been restricted to a certain country or region. For example, you can watch Tokyo Olympics 2021 without cable, watch Netflix, BBC iPlayer, Disney+...

  • Unlimited Traffic. iTop VPN brings you an exclusive advantage of unlimited traffic that makes sure you have the best experience while securing your network at the best stakes. But it is not available if you haven’t upgraded your free version.

  • Unlimited Free: When it comes to unlimited free, there is no match for iTop. The VPN platform allows you to get amazing VPN features at no extra cost. You can connect to a server you want to unblock geo-restriction and get access to any site or app you want without one penny.  

  • Unlimited Devices. iTop VPN delivers one of the most compatible VPN services. You can get it connected on generally most-used devices including Windows, and iOS devices. With one VPN account, you can connect it to 5 devices simultaneously.

iTop VPN is one of the most beneficial free unlimited VPNs for PC. In addition to the most important features such as privacy, security, and unlimited features. Other features list below to help you know more info about the VPN.  

  The banking-grade encryption would facilitate smart and robust protection.

  It is equipped with a broad range of proxy servers across the globe.

  It doesn't have a restrict log policy.

  The platform has individual network protocols for different scenes.

  And lastly, the platform has 24/7 support for VPN.  

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iTop VPN is definitely one of the best VPN for PC that guarantees your online privacy and security. After knowing much about this great and free unlimited VPN for PC, it's time to see the steps to start using it. You can know how to use the app quickly as its interface is simple and clear.

Step 1: The very first thing you need to do is download the iTop VPN and install it on your phone.

Step 2: Open the VPN, click on the Connect button to keep your network connection secure through iTop VPN and hide real IP. Then you can enjoy what you want instantly.

Connect to iTop VPN


iTop VPN is certainly one of the best options available in the market, especially used as an unlimited free VPN. It offers highly strong protection against any kind of external intervention along with excellent speed. With a user-friendly interface, you can get the work done intuitively and quickly with its unlimited free features. By downloading the software, you will surely unleash the most secure method of keeping your data safe. Besides, iTop VPN has something more exquisite to offer. With such an extensive range of features, you can enjoy your favorite content without any block. 


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