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5 Best Free Trial VPNs for Mac 2024 | No Credit Card Needed

No need to register or add a credit card, try the top 5 free trial VPNs for Mac before you buy.

It’s undeniable that netizens have an increasing need for VPN due to many reasons, for business, entertainment, and so on. Consequently, software developers introduce multiple VPN services to let users choose from. Many of them come with a free trial. Assume you are a Mac user, a free trial VPN for Mac is a must-to-have tool.

Free Trial VPN for Mac

Why do you want a free trial VPN for Mac? The free trial gives you a chance to test whether the Mac VPN is really helpful for protecting privacy or accessing desired content. Here, we pick the 5 best free trial VPNs for Mac with no credit card needed. You can access the full features of VPN for Mac with a risk-free trial. Let’s see how they perform with distinguished features listed below.

To name the best free trial VPN for Mac, iTop VPN is one that can’t be missed. It’s your ultimate VPN solution to access any content on the internet with full privacy guaranteed. With hundreds of servers directly designated for different uses, it can be used in almost every part of your daily life whether you use the VPN service for streaming, gaming, or simply browsing.

Let’s take a closer look at what it is capable of doing.

  • Unlimited free trial for everyone. iTop VPN makes it a reality for users to access desired content around the globe without being monitored for free. With the help of the Mac VPN free trial, users have the privilege to enjoy daily data up to 700 MB without any charge.

  • Browse global content with one click. As one of the outstanding free trial VPN for Mac, iTop VPN offers more than 1800 servers to reach every corner that you may want to explore. Click Connect and all is ready to go.

  • Quick access is available for certain needs. Whether you want to have an extra layer of encryption or browse on specific websites such as Netflix and Disney, iTop VPN lists quick access to save you efforts.

  • Secure than ever with the integrity of macOS. iTop VPN is a totally safe VPN that able to scan and check malware, virus, suspicious cookies, and system risks, which layers up to your system security.

  • Compatible with most macOS versions. macOS 10.15 and later are all supported by iTop VPN, along with various Mac models.

The Best Free Trial VPN for Mac - iTop VPN

No perfect VPN is designed so far. One thing less satisfying about this VPN for Mac free trial is that some encryption protocols are not supported yet, but the current protocols should be enough for most users.

Tip: iTop VPN is a cross-platform VPN provider that servers as the best free VPN for PC, iOS and Android devices. It supports connecting to up to 5 devices at one time.

ProtonVPN is one Switzerland-headquartered VPN provider and this makes it more reliable since Switzerland has a rather strict rule against privacy. Another highlight of ProtonVPN lies in its 30-day money back policy, which can be really user-friendly.

  • 30-day money refund policy. With this chance, users can thoroughly explore this VPN service for up to 30 days with no limitations. It’s worth trying out for those who hesitate to invest or not.

  • No-log regulation. ProtonVPN is designed not to leave a record of users’ online activities or traces. Therefore, the possibility of data leakage is significantly reduced.

  • More than 1700 servers and 60 locations are offered to approach the world. No matter where you want to reach, ProtonVPN is there to help you out.

Top Free Trial VPN for Mac - ProtonVPN

The biggest drawback of ProtonVPN is that though it does offer a completely free trial VPN for Mac, the free plan is so limited that users have to upgrade to a premier option at the end for a better VPN experience. The 30-day money back policy won’t be so helpful except for testing.

CyberGhost safeguards your digital property to make your internet movements untraceable and anonymous. With over 8000 servers worldwide, the whole world is within your reach and some premium features are there to shine.

  • Optimized servers exclusively for streaming. If you are into digging streaming platforms such as Netflix and Hulu, or try to search for a TikTok VPN/Snapchat VPN etc., CyberGhost can be the best choice so far. Without the need to select suitable servers for streaming, CyberGhost already does the work for you.

  • 45-day money back guarantee. Longer than the ProtonVPN that’s mentioned above, CyberGhost ensures users enjoy as long as 45 days of VPN service without limitations.

  • Fair data speed. It’s not the fastest in the industry but the speed is enough to cover watching shows without buffering or lagging.

Top Free Trial VPN for Mac - CyberGhost

Users are privileged to enjoy a bunch of premium-level features if they have paid accounts. However, for the free trial version, there’s little to do with CyberGhost VPN. Only a 1-day free trial is available for Mac users.

Surfshark brings one handy free trial VPN for Mac users. It comes with a 7-day free trial and 30-day money refund policy so users can freely choose which plan they’d go for. Meanwhile, Surfshark keeps upgrading with new innovations being introduced to deliver better VPN service to users.

  • Clear design. Whether you are a pro or a beginner, you’ll like Surfshark’s interface. Instead of adopting a big and flat layout, Surfshark chooses a clear, small, resizable window to show more or less information that the user needs.

  • Unlimited simultaneously VPN connections. Different from most VPN providers, Surfshark allows one account to connect unlimited connections, which can be considered money-saving.

  • Fierce encryption to safeguard your digital life. Adopting AES-256 encryption and trustworthy protocols such as OpenVPN and TCP, Surfshark stands as a security protector with high credits.

Top Free Trial VPN for Mac - Surfshark

The trial plan is worth giving a chance, unfortunately, it may trouble you with the requirement that asks you to link credit cards to app stores.

Hotspot Shield VPN takes advantage of great global coverage to grant users unlimited access to the desired content. Similar to CyberGhost VPN, it guarantees a 45-day money back rule so you can opt for it for testing.

  • The 7-day free trial meets all your demands with almost no limitations. You can freely connect to more than 110 server locations and unblock major platforms for either browsing or streaming with this VPN for Mac free trial.

  • Hotspot Shield is a praised speed VPN for Mac for its impressive network speed. Even if the server locates at a rather far away destination, the speed for downloading barely decreases and so is the internet connection quality.

  • Online activity is kept private by Hotspot Shield. Loaded with powerful 256-bit encryption, the kill switch, and the protection against IP leakage, Hotspot Shield aims to hide your personal data with solid covers.

Top Free Trial VPN for Mac - Hotspot Shield

Hotspot Shield presents a free VPN service as well, but the completely free one offers a limited data of 500MB per day and users are restricted to access certain networks.


If you are trying to find a reliable free trial VPN for Mac, you can pick one from the top list here. All of them enable you to get secure, private and free internet access around the globe. However, each one of them inevitably comes with some drawbacks at the same time. Compared with other free trial VPN for Mac, iTop VPN is a VPN for Mac with a definitely unlimited free trial. You can freely use it without registering or providing payment details on any app store. Download iTop VPN to keep your internet activities private and enjoy global access to any content on Mac.

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