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2024 Top 5 Best List of Fastest VPN Free - Access Instantly

Here are the 5 fastest VPN for free with detailed reviews. Download fastest VPN to access any blocked content for free and protect your online activities.

Virtual private networks (VPN) have become necessary tools in modern life especially when you want to access censored content or hide your traits while you are surfing the web. Besides the basic demand of unlimited data, security, privacy and global access for a VPN, speed is very essential for a smooth and efficient internet experience.

Fastest VPN 2021

There is plenty of paid and free VPN for you to choose from in the current market, and long lists don't make things easier but harder. This article will review the 5 fastest VPN for free and prioritize the speed over other benefits of a VPN like data limitation, server numbers, supported devices, and security. However, it doesn't mean the fast VPNs detailed below are lacking those benefits. In fact, every fast VPN here still provides top-class security, privacy, and global access.

The overall speed you get while you are using a VPN service depends on a lot of factors. Some of them are controlled by your VPN provider, but some of them are impacted by your home internet environment connection.

The main factors that will affect your VPN speed:

  • Home internet speed. Usually, you can't expect your VPN speed is faster than your home network speed.

  • Server location. The closer you are to a VPN server, the faster internet speed you will get.

  • Server load. If too many people are sharing one VPN server with you, you can expect a much slower server speed.

  • Encryption strength. The stronger the encryption algorithm and VPN protocol is, the VPN uses more extra data and slows down the speed at the same time.

  • Hardware performance. Encrypting your data to guarantee your anonymity requires processing power. The better performance your CPU and RAM have, the less likely you will encounter a speed limit.

  • Network setup. A LAN cable usually gives you a more stable and faster internet connection.

There are some other minor factors that might have an influence on your speed such as additional antivirus software, firewall programs, and the way your connection is routed.

Under the same circumstances, we test and conclude the 5 fastest VPN for free. All these fastest free paid VPN have fast speeds of streaming and downloading more than 25 Mbps on all servers. An average speed of 5Mbps will be enough for fast streaming or downloading an HD 720P video. The latency, or ping value, of that VPN, is usually less than 20 ms with its fastest server, which guarantees an ultra-smooth and vivid web browsing.

5 Top Fastest VPN Reviews

iTop VPN is the fastest VPN for free. It is a free military-grade VPN for Windows, iOS, Android that protects your identity online with its advanced encryption algorithm. It comes with an automatic kill switch that protects your activities even if the VPN unexpectedly disconnects. It enables you to access video, music, social media, websites, games, and live streaming without limitation and with fast speed.

Reasons to get:

  1. Unlimited bandwidth

  2. Speed accelerator to surpass a user's network speed

  3. Extensive 1800+ servers in 100+ locations

  4. support 5 devices simultaneously including Android, iOS, Windows, and macOS

  5. Access global content without geo limitations

  6. Best-in-class privacy and security

iTop VPN - Fast VPN for Free

If you want to know comprehensive info about iTop VPN, check iTop free VPN review article for reference.

ProtonVPN offers a free service that helps you browse the internet safely. It uses strong encryption and kill switch to protect your online activities from IP, DNS, or WebRTC leaks. As one of the fastest VPN for free, ProtonVPN offers unlimited data so that you won't be restrained by data consumption.

ProtonVPN - Fastest VPN Free

Reasons to get:

  1. Consistent speed to ensure a stable and fast web experience

  2. 3 free server locations

  3. Access social media, videos, and websites

  4. Support Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, Linux, and routers

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As its name suggests, is impressive in its advanced privacy feature by hiding your browsing histories from hackers or malware. Besides, it offers fast speed as well and you won't undergo any annoying buffering while watching YouTube videos, using Instagram or Facebook, or playing games.

Fastest VPN Review -

Reasons to get:

  1. Offer 5 free servers

  2. Available on Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android

  3. 10GB free data per month

  4. No-logs policy

  5. 1 device simultaneous connection

As a VPN prioritizing speed, Speedify undoubtedly provides outstanding speed for you to connect with blocked content, topping out at over 300 mbps to 600 mbps line. However, it doesn't grant you access to most streaming platforms like Netflix and Disney+.

Fastest VPN for Free - Speedify

Reasons to get:

  1. Extremely fast speed

  2. 2GB free data per month

  3. 500+ free servers in 30+ countries

  4. Support 5 devices connection at a time on Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, and Linux

Compared with the other 4 fastest VPN free, TunnelBear ranks at the last of the list. However, it also provides a rather fast speed for you to browse the videos, web pages, social media, etc. that you can't access at your current location.

Fastest VPN Review - TunnelBea

Reasons to get:

  1. No speed limit for its free version

  2. Free 500MB - 1.5GB data every month

  3. offer 500+ free servers in 20+ countries

  4. easy to set up and use

  5. Support 5 devices connection on Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android

The Bottom Line

Slow connection is the main drawback of a free VPN service because you don't want a VPN to affect your internet connection speed especially for business users, gamers, and streamers. Equipped with an excellent encryption algorithm, a great number of available servers, free data every month, and other features, the 5 fastest VPNs for free stand out. Among them, iTop VPN is most advisable. Download fastest VPN on your device today and enjoy your traveling on the web!

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