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Endpoint Security Solution: How to Protect Endpoint for Individuals and Businesses

Endpoint security solution we recommended will enhance your device’s security, securing your online presence effortlessly. Stay safe online with best VPN!

The alarming number of cyber attacks on personal devices is creating a mass requirement for an endpoint security solution. Even businesses are not immune to these attacks as there are many reports of such incidents every year. Millions of dollars are lost due to these attacks, and most people are still not sure how to deal with them.

Endpoint Security Solution

Today, we are going to cover the importance of endpoint security and how you can protect your personal or business devices from potential threats. We will also share great endpoint security software that allows you to keep your devices secure while offering you many other features as well.

Endpoint security includes every tool that protects the end user’s device from unwanted viruses, cyber-attacks, and data leaks. Thus, almost all security software like antivirus, firewall, and free VPN is a part of the endpoint security solution that ensures your digital safety.

These solutions keep you safe when you are browsing, gaming, streaming, or downloading something from the internet. However, it is important to know that every solution has a different way of protecting the user from such threats.

For example, an endpoint security VPN protects you from digital threats and covers your identity while browsing online. Similarly, an antivirus keeps your system safe from viruses by performing regular scans of the device.

It is interesting to know those endpoint security solutions became popular when the number of cyberattacks was increasing day by day. Thus, every internet user is now choosing this solution to stay safe while browsing online.

Businesses need to be more careful with their data than individuals. Thus, an individual can protect the data and identity without investing in a complicated endpoint security solution. With that being said, VPN is the best endpoint security option for individuals, and millions of people are already using this service to browse safely.When it comes to endpoint security VPN services, there’s a no better option than iTop VPN to protect your smartphone, laptop, desktop, and other devices.

iTop VPN is an advanced VPN service that specializes in protecting online security and privacy. It offers the solidest way to access internet safely and anonymously. It helps create a classified tunnel with top-class encryption for data transmission. Your data will never be exposed online and you can also defend against online tracks and attacks. In addition, it hides your IP that no one knows who you are.

iTop VPN has thousands of high-quality servers all around the world. It can be a VPN for UAE, USA, UK, Italy, Korea etc, helping you get a local IP to watch exclusive movies/TV shows on streaming sites. It also gives you the chance to unblock restricted contents at school/workplace, not only for websites, but apps and games. Besides changing location, you can get fast speed for streaming and gaming when connecting a server.

It is a totally safe VPN with no virus, Trojan and malware. And, it keeps no log so that you don’t need to worry about data leakage when using this endpoint security VPN.

How to Get Endpoint Security Solution with iTop VPN

Step 1. Download and install iTop VPN on your device. It is a free VPN for Windows, macOS, iOS and Android.

Step 2. Launch it. Click Connect button and you will automatically connected to the most stable and fastest server.

You can also connect to a specific VPN server address. Click All Servers and select the location you want to change to. Click Connect.

Best Endpoint Security Solution for Individuals - iTop VPN

When it says Connected, your endpoint device is in protection.

If you are in business, you need an endpoint security solution more than anyone. Luckily, many service providers let you protect your work laptop or desktop with complete security. These solutions include various tools clubbed together as one solution so that you can get protection from every online threat faced by your business.

Here are the top 3 solutions for businesses.

McAfee Endpoint Security

McAfee is popular for the security and privacy tools it offers to its customers. You would be surprised to know that this company has provided a proper solution for endpoint security that includes all its famous tools like McAfee VirusScan, IPS firewall, and SiteAdvisor to filter your web search results. Thus, it is the most trusted solution for your business online. You can check out its website to learn more about the solution or to get it for your business.

BitDefender GravityZone

BitDefender is another famous name in security tools and services. This complete solution is designed for the endpoint security of users and businesses. The great thing about this solution is it uses machine learning to understand the natural behavior of your system to detect any foreign code before it harms your system. It means you can simply connect this application to your device and leave all your security on it. The application will regularly inform you about the scans and advise you to remove the suspicious files and applications from the system.

Microsoft Advanced Threat Protection

You can always trust Microsoft to introduce solutions to protect your browsing on Windows. It did a great job in providing advanced threat protection that protects your computer system from all threats. When you turn on this feature, it starts taking some steps to keep your data safe. It will filter your web browsing experience and block access to all malicious websites. If it is allowing you to use an app or visit a website, it means there’s no harm in using them.


Endpoint security solution is an important factor in keeping your data safe. So, get the best endpoint security option and give your system the security it deserves. iTop VPN is one such tool that you can trust. It is the best free VPN for PC, Mac, mobile and other endpoint devices that protect your data from being not leaked, tracked and hacked online. It also break various restriction online driving you to access more interesting contents on the internet.

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