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Use a VPN with Dynamic IP Addresses for Anonymity and Privacy

What is a dynamic IP and how to get dynamic IP addresses? Use dynamic IP VPN to help you stay anonymous and private online.

There are two types of IP address - a static IP and a dynamic IP. For different needs and benefits, people may prefer a different IP address solution.

Dynamic IP

A VPN can hide your real IP address assigned by your ISP by masking, encrypting, or redirecting it. As a result, it can protect your online anonymity, enhance web surfing security, and unblock geo-restricted content.

An IP address is a unique numerical number assigned to every electronic device on the internet or local network. IP addresses identify devices and let devices communicate with each other.

A dynamic IP address, as its name suggests, is an IP address that changes intermittently. The frequency depends on how the Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) or Point-to-Point Protocol over Ethernet (PPPoE) server that assigns dynamic IP addresses is set up.

Most consumer devices including computers, smart TVs, tablets, and digital assistant devices use dynamic IPs. If a dynamic address is not in use, it can be automatically assigned to a different device. It is the most cost-effective for an ISP.

Why should you use a dynamic IP? A dynamic IP gives you benefits that a static IP cannot provide in the following ways:

1. Easy setup and auto-configuration.

The next available IP address is automatically assigned to the device by the DHCP or PPPoP server, so you don't need extra network settings to get dynamic addresses.

2. Lower cost.

Most local network services and a VPN with dynamic IPs and you usually don't pay extra fees for IP changes, unlike dedicated/static IPs.

3. No IP address conflict.

All dynamic IP addresses can be reused. A new unique IP is automatically assigned to the device when connected to the router, avoiding the two devices using the same IP.

4. Better security.

Because the IP addresses on a device are constantly changing, it is harder for attackers and trackers to locate and identify your device. A VPN dynamic IP can give you another layer of security.

Dynamic IP VPN

There are both advantages and disadvantages of using a dynamic IP address compared with static IP addresses. Since dynamic IPs are always changing, they are not friendly to most DNS, thus businesses. In addition, users may experience more downtime and interruption during web surfing, gaming, or banking.

If you would like to use a dynamic IP address, you may wonder how you can get a dynamic IP for your equipment.

Well, as aforementioned, because most ISPs already provide dynamic IPs, you will get a dynamic IP address as soon as your equipment is connected to the network. You play no role in configuration.

If in a rare circumstance, your ISP assigns a static IP address, you can use advanced settings for your network to configure dynamic DNS. The configuration takes complications and added expenses.

Another way to get a dynamic IP is to use a dynamic IP VPN. A VPN with dynamic IP addresses will allow you to share all IPs assigned by a server the VPN provider hosts.

iTop VPN is a fast and VPN free to secure your access to the internet by hiding your IP and encrypting your network traffic. It helps to break regional limitations and unblock social media, websites, streaming, and gaming. iTop VPN excels in providing VPN dynamic IP solutions.

1. It has 1800+ server locations. The more servers a dynamic VPN hosts, the more dynamic IP addresses the VPN can assign. You have unlimited IP addresses.

2. Its interface and setup is extremely user-friendly. iTop VPN uses dynamic IP addresses by default, so your device uses a dynamic IP right after the VPN is turned on.

3. The dynamic IP addresses change randomly and constantly on iTop VPN. Your real IP address is very hard to be traced by hackers and advertisers.

4. Kill Switch, Ad Blocker, Security Reinforce, and Browser Privacy feature protect your online anonymity and privacy.

In the next section, you will learn how to use a dynamic IP VPN.

iTop VPN is easy to set up and use. Even though you are an inexperienced VPN user, you will know how to use it in its intuitive and clean wizard.

Step 1: Download and install this dynamic IP VPN on your device. It has a dedicated VPN for Windows, iOS, and Android.

Step 2: Select a server location. The closest location or the location you want to use.

Dynamic IP VPN - iTop VPN

Step 3: Click the big "Connect" button in the middle and you are all set.

How to Use Dynamic IP VPN

1. Is dynamic IP traceable?

The dynamic IP addresses assigned by local networks can be traced to your ISP. Your ISP can look up information in its server and find out the actual name and address of the device. But the accuracy is doubtable. Dynamic IP addresses for a VPN are very hard to trace because your actual IP has been redirected to the VPN server instead of on your ISP.

2. What is the difference between static IP and dynamic IP?

A static IP is a fixed IP address that doesn't change. It is mostly used for hosted services such as websites and mail servers and banking. A dynamic IP is an IP address that a device uses temporarily. Most home, office, public networks use dynamic IP addresses.

3. Is it better to use a static IP or dynamic IP?

There is no perfect IP solution for all occasions. If you need a more stable, private, and remote network connection, it is better to use a static IP. If you prefer better security and lower cost, a dynamic IP is more likely to satisfy you.

Dynamic IP addresses work better in protecting your web browsing identity. In addition to dynamic IPs assigned by local ISP, using a dynamic IP VPN is great to get a dynamic IP. Download the free VPN with dynamic IPs - iTop VPN, also the best free VPN for Windows, Mac, iOS and Android, to keep your real identity and online activities untraceable.

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