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The Best Free VPN in UAE, The Best Free Dubai VPN

Looking for the best Dubai VPN to unblock websites, apps, and streaming platforms? Explore to find out the best VPN for Dubai and how to use it.

Dubai is one of the most popular tourist attractions in the world. Not only is it a hub for cultural communities, but it also provides the most earning and learning opportunities. This is the reason why people love to go to Dubai. The problem for people living in Dubai or anywhere else in UAE for that matter is that they don’t have much freedom when it comes to surfing the internet. If you live in Dubai, you may have come across certain circumstances where you weren’t able to communicate over VoIP apps like WhatsApp, stream certain platforms like Netflix, Hulu, and others. The same is applicable for people traveling to Dubai as they are unable to watch or stream from certain Dubai channels.

Dubai VPN

While that is a problem for many, fortunately, there is a solution for this problem. A Dubai VPN is your first and last option when you want to do everything you want to do over the internet. iTop VPN is the best VPN in Dubai that can unblock anything from websites, VoIP apps, and others all the while assuring and prioritizing your privacy in the city. Not only that but it is considered the best VPN Dubai iPhone and you won’t need anything else if you start using it.

iTop VPN is the fastest, safest, and secure virtual private network available today. Using it, you can unblock any content whether it is a website, an app, or any other platform such as Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, etc. The government of Dubai imposes a lot of bans and restrictions when it comes to the usage of the aforementioned apps and platforms. The reason behind that is that it wants its telecommunication services to thrive and increase profits every year. So, if you want to have a look around now and then or you want to surf the internet without any restrictions, iTop VPN as a Dubai VPN is the best thing you will come across.

iTop VPN is the best VPN for Dubai because of the features that it provides.

Features of iTop VPN as a Dubai VPN:

Here are some of the most important features of iTop VPN that make it the perfect choice for you.

  • Easy to use for Dubai people - most of the time, VPNs are not what they seem to be initially. While you may encounter some other issues, the ease of their use reduces as the days pass by. With iTop VPN, you have the best services with the maximum number of servers for people living in and traveling to Dubai. Its easy-to-use interface makes it a breeze for you to connect to a private server very easily and quickly. This is why iTop VPN is the best Dubai VPN and this is only the start.

  • No logs policy, no track on your history - when you log in to any app or website using your credentials such as an email account, you put yourself at risk. If the service providers want, they can abuse your login information which puts you at risk. With iTop VPN, you have access to everything without logging and providing your valuable information. So, your browsing history will not be recorded. This makes it the safest Dubai VPN in operation today.

  • Daily free trial to meet low-cost needs - you can get premium access to iTop VPN. This lets you connect to any server for 1 hour and enjoy the fastest internet speed possible.

  • Auto kill switch to avoid censorship (DNS leak protection) - kill switch is a feature that shows how seriously iTop VPN takes your security. When you are connected to a private server, all the information is encrypted by the VPN. When you lose your internet connection, a normal VPN will disconnect and when the internet connection is restored, VPN will not be active and your data will not be safe. This is where a kill switch comes in. iTop VPN’s automatic kill switch feature blocks the traffic when your connection to iTop VPN is disrupted. It will block the traffic until the connection is restored.

  • 5 simultaneous device connections - iTop VPN lets you connect 5 devices at the same time to enjoy the most flexible Dubai VPN service.

  • Accessible to Windows, iOS, and Android - iTop VPN is meant for smart devices of all kinds. From Android devices, iOS, iPhone, to Windows devices, you can use this Dubai VPN free anytime.

  • VPN for Dubai free - yes, you heard it right. iTop is a free-for-all VPN. When you want to a VPN in Dubai free, you should go straight for iTop VPN because you won't find another app that provides features quite like what iTop provides.

How to use iTop VPN? 

You can start using iTop VPN very easily. Just follow the 3 easy steps given below and you will be all set.

Step 1: Download & Install iTop VPN

Find the app on the Google Play or App Store for your Android device or iPhone with keywords “iTop VPN" in the search bar and you will see iTop as the first search result. From there, install the app on your phone and launch it.

Step 2: Select a Server

Upon launching the app, you will be taken to a connection page where you can connect to a private server. From here, you can find the “All servers” option right under the big “Connect” button. Select any server of your choice for Dubai VPN.

Select a Server on iTop - Dubai VPN

Step 3: Connect

After selecting the server that you want, it's time for you to connect to that server. Just click on the big “Connect” button and your connection will go private. You can now use blocked websites, apps, and VoIP apps very easily.

Connect with iTop Dubai VPN

Benefits of iTop VPN Premium:

  • It provides a faster speed.

  • Lower latency.

  • You can unlock more servers.

  • You can enjoy the safest servers.

  • It removes all the geo-restrictions.

It unblocks VoIP apps like WhatsApp, Skype, other social media apps.

For even faster services and the ability to select from more servers all over the world, you can upgrade to a premium account. Here is how you can upgrade to the premium account.

Step 1: Launch iTop VPN app on your phone.

Step 2: Go to the top right corner of the main screen in your app, find a golden crown upgrade icon in the corner and click on it.

Click Golden Crown for iTop Dubai VPN Premium

Step 3: Choose a plan that's right for you, and 100% money back if you are not satisfied.

(The latest pricing and discount offered as below)

iTop Dubai VPN Premium Pricing

Step 4: That’s it. Enjoy your premium access to iTop VPN! 

Subscribed iTop Dubai VPN Premium

The situation of VPNs in Dubai is complicated. Although the use of VPN is not legal, it is meant to be only used by institutes, businesses, banks, and other such corporate businesses. As long as someone uses a VPN for business purposes, the use of a VPN is legal. But when a VPN is used for illegal purposes such as unblocking the blocked websites, playing blocked games, using blocked VoIP apps, or streaming from online streaming platforms, it can lead to a fine imposed by the government or imprisonment, or both. People are prone to certain punishment from the government if any Dubai VPN illegal used.

Streaming services in Dubai

#1. Netflix

As Netflix runs worldwide, it has specific content for specific locations in the world. While in Dubai, you can only access the content that is meant to be for Dubai only. If you want to stream movies or show from US Netflix, you cannot do it without a Dubai VPN as it is blocked in Dubai.

#2. Hulu

Hulu is a US streaming which means it is only available for US citizens. Due to geo-restrictions, you cannot stream Hulu in Dubai.

#3. BBC iPlayer

BBC iPlayer is another famous steaming service that is blocked by the government in Dubai. You cannot access the service without violating the laws.

#4. YouTube

Although YouTube was blocked almost two years ago in Dubai, it has been restored after some content modification by the authorities. Now, only the approved content can be streamed through YouTube so it is not illegal to use YouTube in Dubai.

Social media apps in Dubai

Different social media websites such as Facebook and Instagram are running in Dubai. Facebook, however, is continuously being monitored by the authorities for posts. All the irrelevant posts and users are removed from the platform instantly. Instagram, on the other hand, is open for everyone in Dubai. Although, its video calling feature is not.

VoIP apps in Dubai

#1. WhatsApp - you can use WhatsApp for sending messages, photos, or documents but voice calls and video calls are banned in Dubai.

#2. Skype - according to Skype, the servers for this famous video calling app have been taken down by the government, so you cannot use Skype in Dubai anymore without a Dubai VPN.

#3. Zoom - although UAE let people use Zoom during the COVID-19 crisis, the use of zoom will be banned in Dubai as it is another video calling app.

Dubai attracts more visitors and people looking for jobs every year than any other city. But when in Dubai or traveling to Dubai, people cannot access the different streaming services such as Netflix USA, Hulu, or they cannot make calls via VoIP apps such as WhatsApp or Skype. A Dubai VPN is paramount if you are living in Dubai or if you are traveling from Dubai.

iTop VPN is the best VPN that can unblock everything in Dubai. From streaming services, video games, to VoIP functions, there is nothing you cannot do using iTop VPN. You can download the app for iPhone, Android devices, as well as for Windows.

So, what are you waiting for? Download iTop VPN today and start streaming your favorite movies from Netflix USA and start making voice and video calls in and out of Dubai in the safest and fastest way.

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