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How Does A VPN Hide Your Location & Protect Your Privacy? – 2024 Solution

What does a VPN hide? Learn how a VPN hides location & adapt a free VPN to hide your IP address freely.

It is not a secret that our privacy & online security have been seriously threatened today. The culprits who collect, analyze and put our personal information to sinister usage, are various. Individual hackers, grand companies, even authorities could easily gather your information. And our personal information could be used to monitor ourselves, do precise marketing, or even worse, become the target of identity theft. That's the reason why we need to know how does VPN hide location.

Use VPN to Hide Location

Among all information, we expose online & could take to a bad usage. The IP address is the one you should focus on to protect your internet security because your cyberspace IP address could directly lead to your real-world address. In that case, A quality VPN will hide your IP address & further protect your privacy. How does a VPN hide your location& IP address? Let us check the safest way to protect our personal security.

Your IP could be tracked very easily since almost all webmasters will record your IP address. That's about to say, once you access a website, visit a webpage, and your IP address could expose quickly in that situation. More than that, a piece of PHP script hide in a suspicious link could detect your current IP and send it to that guy behind the screen.

Your IP could be exposed to hackers

That is because your outward data pack will label with your current IP address. And it will be sent to your local internet service provider’s server, like Verizon, AT&T, Xfinity, etc. Then, with your data packs with your IP address labeled, your traffic will expose to the public. Almost all websites can detect your current IP because all webmasters who managing their website can know where you at by analyzing your internet data pack. Since the IP addresses are deployed geographically, your IP address is generally open to the public & everyone can know where you live by analyzing your IP address. 

IP Address Diagram

Does a VPN service hide your IP address and hide your location? Sure it does, but make sure you’ve chosen a quality VPN. A quality VPN, like the iTop VPN, will encrypt your outward traffic. So, your real IP will be disguised somewhere else instead of your real address, so there will be no chance to detect your IP by analyzing your internet data packs.

Meanwhile, the VPN will reroute your traffic to a secured third-party server who will be responsible for your privacy & safety. Instead of exposing your IP address on your local ISP side, a responsible VPN service provider will encrypt your data and keep your traffic secret to the public, decrypt your data pack only on their server and then send back your traffic encrypted. The websites holders & hackers can only get a masked IP address which offered by VPN provider. With the security assistance from a trustable VPN service provider, for instance, the iTop VPN, there will be no chance your IP will be exposed to the public. That is the mechanic how does a VPN hide your location by hide your real IP address. And it need to co-op with the best 

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We have introduced the pacing threat of information leaking by detecting your IP address, and we have already known how does a VPN hide your IP to protect your online security. I would introduce one of the best VPN free to you like one particular good VPN free to use to hide your IP address.

iTop VPN Logo

First, you can go to the iTop VPN official VPN for Windows page, download & install the iTop VPN on your Windows.

Second, after the download & installation accomplished, execute the iTop VPN, you will see the main interface. As a free-to-use VPN service, you don’t need to register anything for now, and the iTop VPN offers several free user tunnels to use.

iTop VPN main interface

Third, before we move on, we could go check your IP status by click “Privacy & Security” on the left-hand panel, then find “IP Checker” in the iTop VPN security toolbox, click “Check Details”.

privacy and security then check details

Fourth, if your current address is matched with the geographic information shows off on the webpage, that means your current IP is exposed. Now go back to the server list by click “All Servers”. Then you can choose a preferred server, click “Connect”. After you’ve connected to the VPN server, your IP will be masked at the same time to match your selected VPN server’s IP address.

Your IP & address is exposed without VPN

By doing this way, you may like to find that to use the iTop VPN to disguise your address & privacy is easy & safe. After I switch to Japan proxy, my current address shows I am in Japan now.

Your IP & Address is under cover now

The last step: feel free to surf the internet then, your IP address is now fully protected. You can go to “IP Checker” to double-check your current IP address to see if your real location is still be exposed. You may choose the server located in a different country to change your IP address, your current address will be disguised too.  

Despite masking your IP address, there are many features & unique characteristics that iTop VPN can offer. As one of the best free VPN for Windows like unblock the regionally restricted content, online gaming acceleration, or better enforce your browser & internet security with various tools. And don’t forget the iTop VPN is a free-to-use VPN service, you can use it freely (with a 700MB traffic cap per day & reset every day). Some of the advanced features will need you to upgrade to a VIP account, but you have plenty of time to make your decision. 

The iTop VPN has already released its mobile version, so you can hide your IP address by using the mobile version of iTop VPN. It also makes the geo-spoofing become possible. 

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Does a VPN hide your IP address & location? The answer is positive. But again, a better convinced VPN service is strongly recommended. You would not like to spend money on the things you don’t want. The iTop VPN offers you a complete IP cover service with better expandability, which will be a proper choice if you are concerned about your IP leaking problems.

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