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What Is Deep Web & How to Access It with the Best Deep Web VPN?

This article gives you a crystal clear guide on accessing the deep web with the best deep web VPN.

Scores of people think the internet world is only what Google or other search engines can access. Well, this is not true. Google can only access about 4% of the net with a simple search. This is nothing but the tip of the iceberg compared with what the internet holds. The lion's share of content lies in the deep web and cannot be accessed via simple search engine queries. The deep web contains valuable information for criminals or hackers and must be accessed safely and securely.

One of the plausible measures is having a deep web VPN installed on your device.  This way, your traffic is encrypted, and hackers, ISP, and government watchdogs cannot eavesdrop on your valuable information. Again, it would help if you found a suitable deep web VPN.  Fortunately, this article takes you through a detailed guide on everything you need to know about deep and deep web VPNs.  

How to Access Deep Web

The deep web is a layer of the internet that is not indexed. This means that common search engines like Google cannot display them when you do a simple search. Simply put, the deep web is not searchable by ordinary search engines. It forms about 95% of the net. Deep web pages are so because they don't leverage the common top-level domains and are therefore not indexed by search engines. Again, other deep web pages hide their identity from the search engines.

The deep web contains valuable information and database that are part of the big services like banking, email, government pages, cloud services, educational websites, and companies' internal platforms. These pages are protected with a password, and users have a username and password to grant them access. Since the dark web contains sensitive or critical information, it targets criminals and must be given adequate security measures, including deep web VPNs.

Deep Web Explained.pngAlt: Deep Web Explained

As explained above, it is crystal clear that a deep web VPN makes the way you access the deep web more private, safe, and secure. While there are many good VPN services, iTop VPN is the unrivaled king of the deep web VPN jungle.

This deep web VPN hides your IP and encrypts the data in your network so that no one can monitor or control your identity, location, or activity. In simple terms, iTop VPN offers military-grade security.

The good thing with iTop VPN is that it supports many servers across different regions across the globe. To be precise, iTop dark web VPN supports over 1800 servers across more than 100 regions. It doesn't matter whether there are government censorships or geo-restrictions. You can bypass any cyber restrictions and access the deep web without being detected.

Why iTop VPN ensure safety while accessing the deep web?

  • It uses top technologies to hide and encrypt your network data and identity to avoid being monitored.

  • iTop VPN for the deep web has an automatic kill switch that ensures you are still guarded even when your VPN connection dips or shuts down.

  • iTop VPN breaks geo-restrictions and government censorship to unlock blocked websites and apps.

  • It has a security feature that automatically detects and fixes malicious threats to your device and personal data.

  • iTop VPN has Browser Privacy and Ads Block feature to reinforce your internet access security.

  • iTop VPN  supports several servers across diverse regions, and therefore you can access the deep web anywhere, anytime.

As explained below, using the best free VPN for Windows to access the deep web is a seamless process.

Step 1. On your device browser, navigate to the iTop VPN download page. Here, click the "Free Download" button to fetch iTop VPN free for deep web on your device.  Open the downloaded file and follow the on-screen instructions to install iTop VPN on your device.


Step 2. When the installation is complete, run the program and choose the target server.

Choose Server on Deep Web VPN

Step 3. Finally, click the "Connect" button and wait for iTop VPN to connect you to that server. When it is connected, the button should change to "Connected." You are now safe to access the deep web on your computer.  

Connect to Servers.png

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Perhaps you have heard about the deep web, dark web, and surface web, yet you struggle to differentiate these closely related terms. While they both revolve around the web and the internet, they describe the different levels of internet content.

Surface Web

As the name suggests, the surface web is what you see on the surface when you search for something on a search engine. It is the internet data indexed by search engines and accounts for about 4% of the entire internet content.

Deep Web

Deep Web is the internet content that is not indexed by the common search engines. You will probably not access these data with a simple search because they are password protected or hidden from the common search engines. Most of these deep web pages consist of data stored in databases to aid services such as social media, banking, medical services, and educational libraries.  Accessing the deep web is relatively safe because it requires access credentials.

Dark Web

The dark web is the internet content/ web pages specially designed for anonymity. These sites use TOR URLs that are inaccessible without specific software. In the dark web, people transact anonymously. Here, illegal transactions and sensitive information run anonymously. Things like illegal firearm purchases, human trafficking, and drug deals happen here.

However, not everything that happens on the dark web is bad. Whistleblowers, secret military information, and journalists exchange information without knowing their identities. It is good for them because the nature of information is costly and often life-threatening.

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The deep web forms the larger portion of the internet and holds personal information and sensitive data. Therefore, you should encrypt your network with a suitable VPN to prevent cyber-attacks and hide your activity from eavesdroppers. Fortunately, we have given you iTop VPN - the best dark web VPN for Windows. Don't hesitate. Download this top deep-web-vpn and fortify your deep web access safety, privacy, and security. 

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