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What is the Dedicated IP VPN And How Does it Works? Top Dedicate

What are the differences between a dynamic IP VPN and a dedicated IP VPN? Which is the best free dedicated IP VPN? Read the post and get free static VPN

VPNs typically use dynamic IP addresses to prevent you from being tracked or monitored by trackers, advertisers, or local ISPs, because your IP addresses are consistently changing. Some people might prefer a static IP address, also called a dedicated IP address, to enjoy a smooth and lag-free web experience, because shared and dynamic IP addresses will cause connection interruptions and throttling.

Dedicated IP VPN

Not all VPN providers offer the option of static or dedicated IP VPN addresses. This article introduces meant-to-be one of the best free VPN for Windows with dedicated IP services that are worth a try.

Your device will be automatically assigned a numerical string as your internet IP - while you are connected via your internet connection, you will get a dedicated IP (static IP).  If you connect via a VPN, things can be different. (a free dedicated IP VPN can still assign a static IP for you)

Usually, a VPN will use shared IPs that many users connect to specific servers and share the same IP addresses. For example, if you connect to a server location in Califonia, thousands of people are likely connected to the same server location and share the same IP address on their devices.

A dedicated IP VPN is a resolve to this dilemma - the balance between internet anonymity and faster network speed.

What Is Dedicated IP

A dedicated address is a single IP address that your VPN provider assigns you but not your actual IP address. It means that only you can connect to it and that IP won't be shared with anybody else. A dedicated IP address is also a static IP address since it won't be replaced by another IP intermittently to ensure security. 

Even though a dedicated/static IP address will cut back on your online anonymity (not very much), you can still enjoy a lot of benefits using a dedicated IP VPN.

Learning the merits of using a dedicated IP VPN, you might be interested in getting one. Here is quick advice for how to select the best VPN with dedicated IP:

  • A Dedicated IP VPN should have excellent device compatibility so that you can use its apps on multiple devices. 

  • A Dedicated IP VPN should have all benefits of a regular VPN such as strong encryption and privacy. 

  • A Dedicated IP VPN should have a reasonable price since dedicated IPs need an additional fee to get.

  • A Dedicated IP VPN should have convenient customer support because dedicated IPs have location limitations and sometimes need a different configuration. You will need professional assistance. 

iTop VPN will soon be equipped with dedicated IPs in multiple main countries around the world with all mentioned features. Read below to know more about it.

Dedicated IP VPN - iTOP VPN

iTop VPN is one of the top-class VPN free providers in the market to offer secure privacy and access to unlimited music, social media, gaming, and streaming no matter where you are. It always hides your IP and encrypts your network data with military-grade encryption technology to make sure your location, identity, and activity are not monitored or leaked to the wrong hands.

Main advantages of using free iTop VPN: 

  • Protect browser privacy. iTop VPN can clean your browser history automatically to protect your privacy and data security.

  • Security reinforce. iTop VPN can detect and fix system vulnerabilities to deter hackers. 

  • Easy configuration. iTop VPN has a very clean and intuitive interface so that users can easy to set it up for use. 

  • Fast speed. iTop is one of the fastest speed free dedicated IP VPN for PC, Android, iOS and VPN for Mac, available for streaming, downloading, and uploading.

  • Ad blocker. It has a built-in ad blocker to block annoying and malicious ads on a website to help you have a clean and safe internet surfing experience.

  • Kill switch supported. It has a kill switch to protect your online security even when the connection is expectedly lost.

  • A Massive number of servers. iTop VPN has 1800+ server locations globally for users to choose from to unblock global content, such as India, UK, US, Germany, France, Sweden, Norway...

With all the benefits, iTop VPN is under a major upgrade to have a dedicated/static IP service. It worths expecting.

Do you need a VPN with dedicated IP addresses? It is strongly suggested. 

Even though the dynamic and shared IPs VPNs have by default can protect your online identity and unlock geo-restricted content, a VPN with dedicated IP have a few extra benefits. 

1. Avoid getting banned or backlisted. 

When thousands of devices are sharing the same IP address, it will be easier to be detected by a local ISP, and that IP will be banned quickly.

2. Enhance online banking security. 

With a dedicated IP, you don't share the IP with others, so your banking information and online transactions will not be exposed to anybody else. 

3. Ensure stable login. 

Some websites like banking, remitting, or email sites will require a consistent IP address to authenticate and verify your identity. Using a static IP address will give you a hassle-free login without multiple CAPTCHA inputs or, even worse, temporary restrictions. 

Benefits of Using Dedicated IP VPN

4. Unlock hard access to streaming services.

Netflix, Disney Plus, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, and some other streaming platforms are very hard to unblock and can easily be blocked by their built-in detectors. With a dedicated IP VPN, you are more like a real resident and you can access these services. 

5. Enjoy gaming with less downtime.

A VPN with dedicated IP addresses can bypass ISP throttling caused by shared IPs with thousands of internet users. A slight interruption might ruin your gameplay experience. 

6. Set up a web or FTP server.

Web or FTP server doesn't allow you to run a web or FTP server for changing files with a home internet connection. With a dedicated IP VPN, you will be able to have FTP access with a static IP because your connection is encrypted and invisible (Invisible VPN for PC).

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Is a dedicated IP VPN worth it?

You can enjoy all benefits such as encrypted traffic, blocked content access, and fast connection speed with a dedicated IP VPN. In addition, you will be less likely to be blocked with a dedicated/static IP address - this special type of VPN can effectively stop IP address crimes. If you need the extra benefits, a dedicated IP for VPN is worth it.

How much does a dedicated IP VPN cost?

You can rarely find a free service that offers dedicated IPs. If the VPN you choose comes with dedicated IPs, you usually have to pay extra. On average, a dedicated IP VPN costs around $10 for a monthly plan. If you purchase a longer plan like a two-year subscription, the price will go down to around $5 per month.

What are the best VPNs with dedicated IP?

Here is a list of the 10 best VPNs with dedicated IP in 2023:

  1. iTop VPN

  2. NordVPN

  3. Surfshark

  4. CyberGhost

  5. VPNArea

  6. PureVPN

  7. Astrill

  8. Windscribe

  9. Torguard

  10. Ivacy

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