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Dead by Daylight VPN: Best DBD VPN for Better Gameplay Experience

Access Dead by Daylight securely and fast with the best Dead by Daylight VPN. iTop VPN is the best DBD VPN to enjoy high-speed gaming with reliable servers.

Dead by Daylight (DBD) is a multiplayer survival horror online game that has been enjoying great popularity among gamers for years. Since the Dead by Daylight game is primarily multiplayer, there is a good likelihood that you will experience bad ping rates or lag. That is one of the main reasons why a Dead by Daylight VPN is highly recommended. 

Dead by Daylight Game

This article will help you look at how to select the best VPN for Dead by Daylight and how to play Dead by Daylight with some expert-proven tips. 

Dead by Daylight (DBD) is developed by Canadian studio Behaviour Digital and was released to Steam in 2016. Then it becomes available on various platforms and you can play it on Windows PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4/5, Switch, Android, and iOS with an Internet connection. 

Dead by Daylight

DBD is an exciting and scary survival 4v1 game. In the game, one player takes on the role of a savage Killer and the other four play as Survivors. The game allows you to choose between playing as the Killer or playing as one of the four survivors. 

The crazed Killer must hunt down each Survivor and impale them all on hooks before they escape to sacrifice them to a malevolent force known as the Entity; while the four survivors must avoid being caught and escape the map by repairing five of seven generators scattered across it to power up the exit gates.

The Switch version was finally released three years later after the original PC launch. To help justify its increased price, the Switch edition includes four additional chapters and three cosmetic packs. But some characters are missing due to licensing issues. Many players recommend the Dead by Daylight Switch version because they can dash around in a handheld mode.

Dead By Daylight Switch Edition

Few but not none, the Dead by Daylight Switch version received complaints. 

 1. It is clear that the Switch is far less powerful than several gaming consoles and many PCs in terms of graphics. The graphics of the DBD Switch version are of lower quality. 

 2. The Killer has a slightly larger hitbox than the survivors and the imbalance of power makes the survivors hard to play. As a result, everyone wants to play as a Killer so trying to queue times to find a match will significantly increase.

 3. Dead by Daylight gameplay on a Nintendo Switch requires a Wi-Fi connection. Meanwhile, as a multiplayer game, latency issues have been mostly reported when survivors have to pass occasional skill checks.

Teamwork is imperative to victory as the survivors because to get objectives completed in time everyone must contribute. You definitely don't want to drag the team's leg by having a slow Internet connection. A Dead by Daylight VPN will benefit you in the speed of the game in a variety of ways.

1.  Using a free VPN can help connect to a faster server provided by a VPN service to reduce ping.

2.  Your ISP will throttle your game activities sometimes. The DBD VPN hides your real IP and your online activity so it helps avoid Internet throttling.

3. A VPN has a wide selection of servers, so you can change steam region to a less busy district.

iTop VPN is the best free VPN for Dead by Daylight because:

  • This speed VPN for PC can drastically reduce ping and delays during the gameplay by connecting to a fast VPN server among 1800+ server locations.

  • It can increase network stability to reduce disconnects by your ISP while playing Dead by Daylight.

  • It provides the ability to bypass firewalls, allowing you to access the DBD game wherever you are, i.e. schools, Starbucks, and offices.

  • It is a safe VPN that offers military-grade encryption to help protect your online privacy and prevent data leaks against DNS attacks.

How to play Dead by Daylight with iTop VPN:

Step 1. Download iTop VPN app. This VPN has both a Dead by Daylight mobile VPN app for iOS and a desktop app for Windows and macOS.

Step 2. For server location, you have three choices:

  • Use the smart location that the VPN automatically selects for you according to your IP address

  • Manually select a VPN server that you believe works the best

  • Go to For Gaming window and select a server for a specific game, i.e. Dead by Daylight.

Best DBD VPN for Gaming

Step 3. Click the Connect button and then start to play the Dead by Daylight game with a faster, more secure, and more stable VPN DBD network.

Best VPN for Dead By Daylight

Tired of dying in Dead by Daylight? If you are just starting out in this horror game, you can refer to some expert tips below to become a more effective killer or increase the chance of a successful escape.

Killer tips

1. You should know your power and perks when you select a specific Killer character. 

2. As a killer, you must keep an eye on numerous factors at once. It is highly recommended to play DBD with headphones to know If a survivor is hiding or a generator is being repaired nearby.

3. You should know when to stop a chase for wasting time as it is a four-against-one game. 

Survivor’s tips

 1. You can employ a variety of weapons in your inventory as a Survivor to keep yourself alive, and don't forget the flashlight.

 2. You have to work together with the Survivor team, so don't wander off in the massive maps and be left alone.

 3. You should thoroughly study the perks of your Survivor role and customize your character to make you much more powerful.


Dead by Daylight started on the PC and is still well-liked today, and it has now been ported to portable game consoles and phones. Dead by Daylight Switch edition is tempting for many players due to the obvious advantage that the mobile version enables gamers to play handheld. 

If you prefer to play DBD on a PC, you can get better graphics and experience with a bigger and high-resolution screen. As a multiplayer online game, latency is something that will inevitably happen and somewhat ruin the game. Installing a Dead by Daylight VPN is an ideal solution for that. Try iTop VPN, the best VPN for Dead by Daylight gaming, today to boost your internet connection speed and become an MVP in the Dead by Daylight game. 

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