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2024 5 Best VPN for CS: GO in 2024 | Unblock, Reduce Lag, Ranks Higher

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When playing a high-end game like CSGO, you need to be fully concentrated at the moment. Any distraction of a single second can take you steps away from victory. Any lag in the game, connection problem, or any other problem can result in you losing the game. A VPN for CSGO is the best solution to problems like these.


Choosing a reliable VPN is another hurdle that you need to cross. A good VPN should ensure the fastest connection at all times while securing your anonymity. In the following context, you will find out about the best VPN for CSGO that checks all the boxes.

Here are the advantages of using a VPN for CSGO:

Unblocking CSGO

A CSGO VPN is the best solution when you are in an area where the game is blocked. It works by routing your server to a location where the game is unblocked and you can access it easily.

Low latency

Your ISPs might use the throttling technique to keep you from playing the game and using a lot of their data. A CSGO VPN bypasses all the throttling and provides you a low latency gaming experience without warzone servers laggy.

Anonymity & Security

Is VPN safe? Yes!

While playing the game, all your data coming to or going from your device will be secure. You will be kept at all times when using the best VPN for CSGO.

Change servers 

As a CSGO VPN helps you change your location to India, UAE, Italy, or any other country in the world. So, you can easily change your game server to a location that you prefer. This offers you the best experience.

Keeping the above parameters in mind, here are the best VPN for CSGO that will be covered in this article.

#1. iTop VPN - The best VPN for CS:GO

iTop VPN is the best VPN for CSGO because it has dedicated servers for this game. It offers the fastest connections with the lowest prices.

#2. ExpressVPN - The ideal VPN for CS:GO

ExpressVPN is ideal because it has servers spread across the major countries in the world. It provides maximum security and privacy for the game.

#3. NordVPN - A great VPN for CS:GO

NordVPN is a great CSGO VPN because of its affordable prices and high-quality services. No matter how long you play CSGO, you will never experience any problems and your CSGO ranking will keep increasing.

#4. PrivateVPN - A cheap VPN for CS:GO

As is clear from the title, it is a cheap CSGO VPN and is preferred over many others. Also, it excels in providing you with safety, security, and super private connections.

#5. SurfShark - A reliable VPN for CS:GO

SurfShark makes playing CSGO easy as you can change your location easily. It provides reliable connections and a super smooth gaming experience and results in higher ranks for CSGO.

iTop VPN - #1 Best VPN for CS:GO

We place iTop VPN on top of every other as it is the best VPN for CSGO. It is a free VPN to use and although it has premium plans, it provides many free servers that you can use anytime. It has dedicated servers for games like CSGO.

Here are the other aspects iTop VPN that you need to know.

Price: iTop VPN costs as low as $2.31 per month for a yearly plan 


  • Change CSGO location

  • 1800+ servers in 100+ locations

  • Blazing fast internet speeds

  • Change steam region

  • Maximum security 


  • Customer support is not efficient 

  • System Supports: Windows, Android, Mac, iOS 

  • Unblocks: CSGO and other games, Netflix and other streaming services, blocked websites, etc.

ExpressVPN - #2 Best VPN for CS: GO 

ExpressVPN is the second best VPN for CSGO as it has its servers spread all over the world in 94 countries. It assures the fastest internet speeds and a lag-free gaming experience. ExpressVPN is the best VPN for Windows as well as other devices.

ExpressVPN for CSGO VPN

Price: ExpressVPN costs $6.67 per month for a yearly plan


  • Low game latency

  • VPN firmware for protecting your devices

  • Quick connections


  • Only 6 connections

  • Pricey option

  • System Supports: Windows, iOS, Android, Mac, Linux

  • Unblocks: CSGO and other games, Netflix, Hulu, Amazon prime video, etc.

NordVPN - #3 Best VPN for CS:GO

NordVPN is also considered the best CSGO VPN because it has a vast network of servers in 60 countries. This feature makes it ideal for changing servers. It is a value-for-money VPN that has everything you need to excel in CSGO.


Price: NordVPN costs $3.99 per month for a yearly plan


  • Fast speed internet 

  • Widespread servers

  • Low ping connections

  • Anonymous browsing & gaming


  • One geo-server for all devices

  • Costly single-month subscription

  • System Supports: Windows, iOS, Android, Mac, Linux

  • Unblocks: CSGO and other PC games, mobile games, Netflix, and other services.

PrivateVPN - #4 Best CS:GO VPN

PrivateVPN is the best VPN for PC and other devices for gaming and other purposes. It focuses on providing fast-speed internet connections and maximizing the security of your devices. These two features are of importance when playing CSGO.

PrivateVPN for CSGO VPN

Price: PrivateVPN costs $2.49 per month for a yearly plan.


  • Super fast servers

  • Beat encryption protocols

  • User-friendly interface

  • One of the cheapest VPN


  • Limited servers

  • Still costlier than iTop VPN

  • System Supports: Windows, iOS, Android, Mac, Linux

  • Unblocks: CSGO and other games. Websites. Netflix and other streaming services.

SurfShark - #5 Best CS:GO VPN

SurfShark is another one of the cheapest VPNs in the market. It is even cheaper than PrivateVPN. It is the best VPN for CSGO because it has features like Ad-blocker, split tunneling, and smart DNS. 

SurfShark for CSGO VPN

Price: $2.30 per month for a yearly plan


  • Great internet speed

  • Smooth gaming experience

  • Unlimited simultaneous connections

  • Value for money


  • No dedicated IPs

  • Still costlier than iTop VPN

  • System Supports: Windows, iOS, Android, Mac, Linux

  • Unblocks: games like CSGO, services like Netflix, blocked websites.

Taking iTop VPN as an example, this is how to use a VPN for CSGO.

Step 1. Download and Install

First of all, you need to download iTop VPN from its official website for PC and install it and launch it.

Step 2. Select CSGO server

Select Servers in iTop VPN for CSGO VPN

After launching the application and from the servers list, go to the “For gaming” section. Find an option for CSGO and select this server by clicking on it.

Step 3. Connect VPN for CSGO

Connect Servers in iTop VPN for CSGO VPN

Return to the main screen after selecting the server and click on the big “Connect” button. You will be instantly connected to the fastest CSGO server.

Now, you can play your beloved game anywhere.


So, if CSGO is blocked in your region or you are facing lag issues with the game, you need to use a CSGO VPN. A CSGO VPN eliminates all such problems and we have provided the top 5 VPNs that you can use to play CSGO freely. Out of all, iTop VPN is the best VPN for CSGO because it has the cheapest prices, super-fast servers spread in more than 100 locations, and provides maximum security. It is also the best free VPN for PC because it has many free servers that you can use. Download now and play it!

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