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How to Change Steam Region Free with VPN

How to change region on Steam? Here, we will show you the easiest way to change Steam region for creating an Argentina account etc., with a VPN.

Steam is the largest game distribution platform on the earth which gathers the most popular games like CS, Dota 2, PUBG and has attracted over 100 million monthly active users at present. Besides subscribing favorite games, players can also discover, download and play new interesting games on the platform. However, there’s a hassle that, in some region, restrictions on steam games are performed, forcing a part of players to seek for a solution to change Steam region

How to Change Steam Region

Well here, we’re glad to share a working and safe way about how to change region or country on Steam, helping you unblock restrictions and play games with no trouble.

Before learning how to change Steam region or country, it is a necessity to check reasons of doing so.

Reason 1. Access to Geo-blocking Games

Although Steam devotes to offering awesome games to worldwide players, some games still feature geo-blocking for a while or forever due to copyrights or government censorship. Steam will automatically detect your current location and show the error message if you unfortunately attempt to downloading an unavailable game in your country. If you eager to play the game, you should change location on Steam.

Reason 2. Buy Games with Cheaper Price

The price of Steam game varies from countries. It’s common that your game friends buy the game in her/his country is much cheaper than yours. Because, game publishers usually list the price based on the economic situation in one region. For example, the price is probably higher in developed countries than developing countries. If you try to save money and get more discounts, you’d better change Steam region to Argentina or other countries.

Steam can automatically detect your location. You can’t enter a region manually through customizing profiles. What’s the workaround to break the obstacle on Steam? A free VPN is enough. After connecting a VPN server, your original IP address can be replaced with a new one the same as the location you want to change on Steam. A virtual location masks over the real one so that you can get access to more restricted contents.

How to change country steam using a VPN. Follow the step-by-step guide. 

Step 1. Download and install a VPN.

iTop VPN is a highly recommended free VPN service for Steam that can help you easily access to global network thanks to thousands of VPN servers in 100+ locations, for example, free VPN for UAE. Download and install it on your device to learn how to change Steam location. It is fully compatible with Windows, macOS, iOS. 

Step 2. Connect to a Server.

Launch iTop VPN. Click All Servers and select the server that is the same as the desired Steam change region. Tap on Connect button. Once it says Connected, your location is replaced.

Change Region on Steam with VPN

Step 3. Add an Item to Your Cart.

Log in your account on Steam. Select the game you desire to play and select Add to Cart.

How to Change Steam Region - Add an Item to Cart

Tip: if you want to check your current country, please click on your username and select Account details. 

How to Change Steam Account Country - Update Store Country

Step 4. Change Steam Region.

Now, go to your cart. Here’s Country option shown. Access to the drop-down list and select the country you want to change to.

How to Change Steam Region - Select New Region

Soon, a new window pops up. Click the new country option for a confirmation. Now, you have successfully made Steam region changed.

How to Change Steam Region - Change Country


Valve, the Steam develop, placed a limit on account country update. You can only change Steam region once every 3 months.

iTop VPN

iTop VPN is an user-friendly VPN for Windows, macOS and mobiles. It shows off the powerful ability to break region obstacles on Steam. It can replace your original IP address with a new one for an access to restricted items and drive you to change Steam country for buying games with lower cost. For example, you can change your Steam region to Argentina for the cheapest games in the world. As is known, internet speed plays an important role when playing a game. Lags and FPS drops greatly affect gaming experience. It utilizes superb servers for gaming that can not only deliver fast network speed to reduce ping time but also grant the most stable connection.

Security is another highlight iTop VPN provides. It employs world-class encryption on data to defense all possible attacks and tracks when you surf online. Your privacy (personal info, payment account, address etc.,) is well protected from being exposed. It’s a 100% safe VPN to keep no logs and bundle no malicious stuffs. Besides changing region on Steam, it is powerful for unblocking any URLs and apps from streaming services to social media - like TikTok, Instagram, WhatsApp - from everywhere.


ProtonVPN is another good free VPN for Mac to change Steam region. With multi-platform support, it can be used on PC, Mac, Chromebook, smartphones and even routers. It provides lots of high-quality VPN serves all around the world. No matter where you are moved to or travelling to, you are free to stream movies, play games and change region on Steam or other services. It performs well on speed through the utilization of VPN accelerator to reduce VPN latency. Therefore, you can get better experience while playing Steam games with the VPN.

Best Free VPN to Change Steam Region - ProtonVPN

ProtonVPN can keep you safe while using the internet. It offers an encrypted tunnel to transfer network. All your important data or sensitive data, for example, your password, billing information, will not be exposed online. Also, no one can track or hack you online. This Steam VPN can keep your browsing history private and will not log or share your data.


CyberGhost has numerous VPN servers that help change IP address with ease. It empowers you to access online contents, games, apps with no restriction. It not only beats the censorship or ban in your location, but makes Steam region change a reality from anywhere. With it, you can enjoy internet freedom in despite of barriers. It is also a speedy VPN that offers instant and fast connection with the help of VPN protocols based on OpenVPN, IKEvs, WireGuard and T2TP. For both gaming and streaming, no lagging happens.

Best Free VPN to Change Steam Region - CyberGhost

CyberGhost can safeguard your digital information in several aspects. It announces the best-in-class encryption scheme to guarantee your online security and privacy from hacker s and snoopers, on both local network for work/study and public Wi-Fi. The built-in kill Switch can protect you at all times even though VPN connection stops. And, it is a free trial VPN that you can use it on PC, Mac, mobiles without paying during trial period.

Why Can’t I Change Region on Steam?

As mentioned above, Steam will automatically detect your region. No matter where you are, the city of residence, a trip country, Steam only list games or prices available in the detected locations. So, you can’t change Steam region for accessing restricted contents unless using a VPN. Moreover, if you have updated account country on Steam within 3 months, it is impossible to change again according to the new rule.

Why Can’t I Buy Steam Games from Other Country at Lower Price?

Sometimes, you have changed country on Steam but still can’t buy games. If so, please check whether your billing address perfectly matches the account region. Otherwise, Steam still list the price in your real location.

Will I Get Banned for Using a VPN for Steam?

Valve states that people who uses IP proxying to change the region of residence may be terminated the access to account in Subscriber Agreement. But, with a qualified VPN like iTop VPN, you will not get in trouble for it can bypass the detection and track for high-class encryption. And till now, no account is blocked on Steam by using iTop VPN according to our test.

Steam creates a default folder on a hard drive (usually C drive) to store downloaded games. Generally, games are massively that can easily fill in the hard drive. In order to free up space and get better computer performance, you may need to change download location. The step-by-step guide can guide you to create new library for Steam games.

1. Launch Steam. Click Steam > Settings.

2. After the Settings window pops up, click Downloads > Steam Library Folders.

3. Click “Add Library Folder” to create a new folder to save downloaded games.

4. Select the new folder and then it will appear gin the library list.

5. You can right click the folder and select “Make Default” to make the new folder as the default folder. After that, click Close to back to main Settings window and click OK to apply the location change on Steam.

How to Change Game Download Location on Steam

How to change Steam region? VPN is the best solution, which enables you to download/play restricted games in your region on Steam and points out a money-saving way to buy games from other country at a cheaper price. iTop VPN is the best free VPN for Windows, Mac, iOS helping change Steam country on multiple platforms. It can easily replace your real location with new one to access blocked contents and better deals on Steam. Also, it offers the safest and fastest circumstance for you to play Steam games freely and happily.

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