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7 Easy Ways to Bypass YouTube Age Restriction: Access Age Restricted Videos

How to watch age-restricted videos on YouTube? Check the 7 best ways to bypass YouTube age restriction with ease, disable content warnings, and watch 18+ videos.

YouTube age restriction is a protection policy for viewers under eighteen years old that prevents them from access to videos that contain violence, nudity, dangerous activities, and vulgar language. In addition, YouTube allows uploaders to restrict videos if they think they may not be appropriate for minors to watch. It is absolutely a good wish to reduce the exposure of inappropriate content and avoid the negative influence exerted on the young audience. However, the young nowadays are no longer as vulnerable as the old think. They have the right to make their own decisions in their life. The article introduces seven methods to bypass YouTube age restriction and keep reading for more details.

How to Bypass Youtube Age Restriction

YouTube age restriction is based on the personal information (i.e., birthday year) you input when registering your YouTube account. Therefore, the simplest approach to bypass YouTube age restriction is to change the age to 18 when creating your account. If you already have a YouTube account with accurate information filled in, you can sign up for another one to watch an age-restricted video on YouTube. There is no limitation on the number of YouTube accounts.

Here is a step-by-step tutorial on creating a new YouTube account.

Step 1. Navigate to the YouTube website and click the Sign In icon on the upper left side.

Step 2. Create an account for yourself from the sign-in page, and you will be required to fill in your personal information like your address, birthday, name, gender, and more. Make sure the birthday you write is over 18 years old. Next, follow the instructions to complete your YouTube account creation.

Bypass Youtube Age Restriction by Setting Birth Date

On the other hand, in European countries, the age policy is even stricter. People are required to prove their ages with documentation like valid ID cards or credit cards when creating a new YouTube account. In this case, using a free VPN to change the IP address to locations that won’t ask for age verification is a good choice to bypass YouTube age restriction.

Available for Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android, iTop VPN provides a stable, fast, and unlimited internet connection with global coverage in more than 100 locations, including Iceland, the United Kingdom, UAE, India, Canada, Mexico, Japan, South Korea, Singapore, United States, Brazil, and more. In addition, iTop VPN has military-grade encryption that provides enhanced protection on hiding your IP address, identity, and online activities.

Follow the guide below to bypass age restriction on YouTube with iTop VPN.

Step 1. Download

Download and install the iTop VPN. Please choose the right version according to your device. For example, if you are using a PC, get the VPN for Windows version.

Step 2. Choose a server

Navigate to the “All Servers” section and select any server address except Europe.

Step 3. Connect

Click the “Connect” circle button to build the connection. Now, create your YouTube account over 18 years with a hided IP address for NSFWYouTube alternative.

Best VPN to Bypass YouTube Age Restriction


1. Make sure your selected location requires no age verification, for instance, the United States.

2. Remember to claim a free trial for a premium plan to enjoy 10x faster speed.

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Disabling the restricted mode is a second way to bypass YouTube age restriction. However, safe mode is automatically on when you log in to your YouTube accounts. Therefore, you have to manually turn it off on your device. Here is how to bypass age restriction on YouTube by disabling the restricted mode.

Firstly, navigate to the YouTube home page and sign in to your Google account. Secondly, click the profile picture icon on the top right corner to reveal a drop-down menu. Finally, scroll down and find the restricted mode tab to toggle it off.

Bypass YouTube Age Restriction by Disabling Restricted Mode

The third trick to bypass YouTube age restriction is through YouTube NSFW. It is technically a website that streams age-restricted videos directly from YouTube to the browser, so people don’t need to log in to their YouTube accounts to watch forbidden content. The solution has been favored by many people for its convenience and simplicity. Take a look at how to bypass YouTube age restriction with NSFW.

Step 1. Open the age-restricted YouTube website you wish to watch in the browser.

Step 2. Append “NSFW” before “youtube” in the URL and press Enter on the keyboard to get directed to the NSFW YouTube website.

Step 3. Click on the play button to watch the age-restricted YouTube video on the website.

Bypass YouTube Age Restriction with NSFW

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You can also use Listen On Repeat to unblock age-sensitive videos and bypass YouTube age restriction. It is a similar alternative to NSFW YouTube that requires just a few changes on the URL address. The instruction below will show you in detail.

Step 1. Open the age-restricted YouTube video you wish to watch.

Step 2. Input the word “repeat” after “youtube” in the address bar and modify the link.

Step 3. Press the Enter key to visit the Listen on Repeat website and click the play icon to watch.

Bypass YouTube Age Restriction with Listen On Repeat

Just like NSFW and Listen on Repeat, the mechanism of Embed Link to bypass youtube age restriction remains the same. All you have to do is convert the URL of the age-restricted video into an embedded link that sets no age limitation. It is an easy and fast way to override the age policy on YouTube. Do as follows:

Step 1. Open the YouTube video with an age restriction.

Step 2. Replace “watch?v=” with “embed/” to modify the link.

Step 3. Play and watch age-restricted video on YouTube through the Embed Link website.

Watch Age-Restricted Video on YouTube with Embed Link

Being another way to bypass age restriction on YouTube, PWN makes it possible for everyone to get fair access to video resources on YouTube. Follow the guideline demonstrated below and see how it works:

Step 1. Visit the age-restricted YouTube video in your browser.

Step 2. Edit the URL from the address bar and type the letter “PWN” between “www.” and “youtube”.

Step 3. Press the Enter key to load the new page and click the play button to watch YouTube videos through the PWN website.

Watch Age-Restricted Video on YouTube Through PWN

VLC Media Player lets people stream videos directly from a URL. Therefore, playing videos through VLC is a workable way to bypass YouTube age restriction. To do so, we provide the instructions below:

Step 1. Download VLC Media Player from Google Play Store and install the application on your phone.

Step 2. Tap the “more” option on the VLC interface and choose “New Stream” to continue.

Step 3. Paste the link of the age-restricted YouTube video you wish to watch for parse.

Step 4. Once the parsing is finished, you can enjoy watching the video on VLC Media Player without any restriction.

Watch Age-Restricted Video on YouTube with VLC

Here’re seven approaches to bypass YouTube age restriction. You can choose any of them to watch age-restricted video on YouTube without hassle. People who want to avoid downloads or installation on their devices can use a third-party NSFW YouTube alternative to remove restriction. But it also comes with possible risks of having annoying advertisements and hacker attacks. Using iTop VPN is a recommended way to bypass age restriction on YouTube. It is 100% secure and can help change your IP address to create a YouTube account freely. Hurry up, and take it a try. 

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