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Three Best Free VPN for PC [Free, No Banking Info & PayPal]

Need a VPN but annoyed for banking information affiliate & credit card requirement? Here are 3 best free VPN which you can click-and-go.

Personal Computer is everywhere today. You can hardly find a person who never touches a PC in today’s modern society. PC is both a tool for productivity & entertainment, people achieve almost everything on the internet with a PC today. Imagine that billions & trillions of pieces of data passing through the servers & lines, including your banking information, your mailbox password, your private photos & documents, and the pin code of your phone (And you can imagine how your pravicy & safety are been threaten) On today's internet, if someone or some institutes want to dig out your private information, they can do it with some technics (Not even complex). That could become a reason why we want to find & use the best free VPN for PC to protect ourselves. At least it offers proper protection to your private information.

Best Free VPN for PC

On the other hand, you might look for some other benefit that you can gain from using a VPN. For example, you live in the United States and want to watch Gin Tama & Gintama on Netflix (Which only on Netflix Japan exclusively), you will find that this show is not available United States. The way that can help us to access this anime resource is to use a best VPN for PC free.

Many people have multiple devices and use them in different environments & occasions. A graphic designer may use a macOS model for his or her work, and use the Windows platform when back home contact friends on social network & watch movies online. So, for protecting internet privacy in all different places & environments, using a best VPN for PC free that can adapt to various PC platforms is important. 

Putting all conditions together, considering the cross-platform & security protection needs, we have picked up the three best free VPN for both PC & Mac to maximize the economic benefits.

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Windscribe – A Good Combination of Free VPN for PC & Highly Customizable


• Crammed with advanced features and functionality
• Unblocks Netflix, iPlayer, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+
• Good value with very flexible plans
• Customers who need a “One-click” resolve to VPN
• Very limited traffic (2GB per month)
• Some long gaps between software updates

Best Free VPN for PC

Windscribe is an interesting VPN that shows the developer’s effort to effectuate the combination of simple UI design with some cool features. To connect to the Windscribe service is fairly easy, you download the VPN software from the official site and install the software (Both Windows & Mac OS versions are provided). Then run the application, click the giant power button on the upper right hand and you are good to go.

Best Free VPN for PC

On the other hand, Windscribe could be a very serious software when dealing with network settings & internet security. You can modify your internet setting with very detailed options, like White list, Split Tunneling, Firewall Modes, Protocol Selection, Packet Size, Allow LAN traffic, MAC spoofing… You can almost find everything you would like to find in an internet-control software. If you have the knowledge about the internet connection and know how to configure and make the VPN actually works, that would be a great satisfaction to use Windscribe as the best free VPN for PC.

But if you are not a master of computer & internet knowledge, those complex settings of Windscribe could become a nightmare for amateurs. If you have no idea about what those terminologies are, like proxy, MAC, protocol, port, Packet size, you better not click anything on the list… Not to intimidate but I do even paralyzed my internet for a while just because I’ve customized the “Packet size” setting.

Best Free VPN for PC

Talk about the free deal, Windscribe offers 2 GigaBytes of free traffic per month. Honestly, it isn’t a generous deal when compared to other VPNs ’ free strategy. But it is still OK if you need a rush or emergency connection to the virtual private network, and a 2GB data pack is enough for the majority of situations.   

Hotspot Shield – Free VPN Service With Typical Flaws


• Excellent connection speeds
• Works with Online Streaming
• Easy to use
• Logging concerns
• Tricky manual setup

Best Free VPN for PC

The Hotspot Shield has regarded as one of the best VPN for PC free services on PC. In the year 2020, the Hotspot Shield has been going from a peak to another. The Hotspot Shield is available for real free VPN for Windows & Mac. You can download the application correspond to the PC which you're currently using. Then just like other software-supported VPNs, just install & run it, you will get the Hotspot Shield basic.

Three Best Free VPN for PC

The user interface of Hotspot Shield is intuitive enough. In the center of the software is a huge “Connect to VPN” button, and you can click it to get you connected to Hotspot Shield basic server.

The Hotspot Shield Basic offers 500 Megabytes of traffic per day. I would say it is much generous than Windscribe. The Speed of Hotspot Shield Basic is decent too.

iTop VPN – The Best & The Most Economical Real Free VPN for PC Currently


• Excellent connection speeds
• Works for social networking software, online games like pubg & roblex and online streaming
• Very intuitive to use
• Added Browser cleaner & Ad Blocker as extra value
• Advanced users who need to deep customize their internet
• In Short for servers

The iTop VPN is a rising VPN service provider and soonly become one of the best VPN for PC free. Just like other VPNs, the iTop VPN is available on both Windows and Mac PCs. Once you downloaded and installed the iTop VPN, run it and click the “Connect” button. You will automatically be connected to their free servers. It can run on both Windows 10 & Windows 7 with no problem.

The user guidance of iTop VPN is doing the best free VPN for PC. A user who has completely zero understanding of internet knowledge can access the features they need for a VPN. Like online gaming, social networking, online streaming, all have corresponded buttons on the main interface. On the other side, for the user who wants to customize the internet through the application, they might miss this time.

Best Free VPN for PC

The iTop VPN offers 700 Megabytes of free VPN data traffic which resets every day. There is a 200 Megabytes surplus when compare to Hotspot Shield basic service. That is a pretty good deal. Also, the iTop has no speed limit while Hotspot Shield basic has a 2Mbps bandwidth cap. Which could be handy in many situations.   

For users who manage multiple PCs and devices, to find a best free VPN for PC is a good solution to protect your computer & network security. All the listed best VPN for PC free are able to run on a variety of devices and PCs and cost you nothing & free to use. If I were you, I would not let the chance go. Have a try for now.

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