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Top 10 Best Safe & Verified Torrent Site for 2024 [Guaranteed Working]

What are the 10 best torrent sites for 2023? The following best safe torrent site and best movie torrent sites are the best choice for you to download torrents?

BitTorrent, as one of the oldest and most successful Peer-to-Peer file distribution networks, live lasted until today and still bursting blooming vitality. If you are a hardcore internet user and committed to collecting & sorting online digital resources, sometimes the only achievable method is by using P2P software, like BitTorrent, μTorrent, etc. And you might need the newest list of best torrent sites & a good free VPN to find & download the torrents.

Best Torrent Sites 2022

Legal Disclaimer: We DO NOT encourage the audience to UNAUTHORIZED download copyright resources. We follow the instructions & principles of DMCA laws and WILL NOT offer direct access to copyright resources.


  • Year of Establishment:2010

  • Region: New Zealand

  • Monthly users: 185 million

Best Torrent Sites 2022

YTS is currently number one ranking best torrent sites. For people who seeking for newest movies, shows, videos, the YTS offers the most complete library & most safe files. Also, the YTS content contributors will compress the HD quality movies to the most accessible file size, and the community is highly organized as well.

YTS contains a huge list of movies from classics to new releases. With a user-friendly interface that is easy to navigate, it is the go-to place for users looking for movie torrents.

There are potential legal risks with downloading copyright-related content from this site; In 2015, the Motion Picture Association of America requested that the site should be shut down. There is also a warning on YTS which indicates you to use a VPN to download torrents in order to avoid possible legal suits.

The Private Bay (

  • Year of Establishment: 2003

  • Region: Sweden

  • Monthly users: 10,607,000

Best Torrent Sites 2022

The Private Bay has operated for over 15 years and currently is one of the biggest & most well-known torrent download sites. Contents on The Private Bay are all-encompassing and well categorized. You can browse them easily with clearly sorted genres & filters.

The library of The Pirate Bay (TPB) contains audio, video, e-books, software, games, and adult content in a vast variety, including more than 3 million torrent files. The downside of TPB is the lack of depth in each content genre. For example, if you are a video game emulator, you can find almost all you wanted on the TPB.

TPB has undergone several domain name changes due to regulatory and government scrutiny. You probably need to follow reliable sources to get their last updates and a VPN to bypass regulatory monitoring.

1337x (

  • Year of Establishment:2007

  • Region: United States

  • Monthly users: 95.96 million

Best Torrent Sites 2022

1337x is also very popular and considered one of the best torrent sites. Although blocked in many countries, 1337x has been operating steadily for many years and it is considered a very stable and reliable torrent download site.

1337x offers torrent files and magnetic links in a variety of genres including movies, TV shows, games, music, software, and documentaries.

Although 1337x is blocked in Google search results and 1337x has been exposed to some security problems, it is still one of the best torrent sites.

Rutracker (

  • Year of establishment: 2004

  • Region: Russia

  • Monthly users: 85.73 million

Best Torrent Sites 2022

RuTracker is also a popular torrent download site from Russia but is less known in the country where the site is located. in 2015, RuTracker was closed in Russia due to copyright regulations. You might need a VPN & online translator to visit this site, the webmaster of Rutracker is recommended to use a VPN.

The high light of RuTracker is their torrent files include a variety of genres. The categories include music, movies, audiobooks, computer games, visual novels, and many others. NSFW contents are generally prohibited on this torrent site.

What’s remarkable for RuTracker is, all resources are well organized & sorted in different discussion boards and the administrator maintains them with great carefulness.

Rarbg (

  • Year of Establishment:2008

  • Region: United States

  • Monthly users: 90.35 million

Best Torrent Sites 2022

Though RARBG is an American user-oriented torrent site, their web server is located in Bulgaria in order to avoid possible suit problems. So, you might need a VPN to ensure the accessibility of Rarbg.

RARBG has a full range of torrent files and magnetic links and contains a large number of HD videos featuring music, trailers, movies, TV shows, and adult content, with over 90 million users using RARBG, it has proven that RARBG offers solid & sustainable service even without Ads. If you are seeking for a best movie torrent site, the RARBG could be a performed option for you.


  • Year of Establishment:2005

  • Region: Japan

  • Monthly users: 690,000

Best Torrent Sites 2022

If you are a Japanese Anime/ Manga fan, the NYAA can be your best torrent site to enrich your collection. NYAA focused on East Asian (Japanese, Chinese, and Korean) media. It is almost the largest public anime-dedicated torrent index online.

As an anime-specific torrent website, you can find everything about anime here, but most of the contents are Japanese, Korean, and Chinese. You should have no problem connecting to NYAA generally, but since the server is located in Japan you might want to use a VPN to improve the connectivity.

You will not be able to find erotic & hentai content on, if you want to get something hot, you need to visit (subwebsite of NYAA which dedicate to explicit contents).

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  • Year of Establishment:2005

  • Region: United States

  • Monthly users: 42.25 million

Best Torrent Sites 2022

EZTV was founded in 2005 and is run by a TV traffic distributor, the EZTV is a TV show/ sports show dedicated torrent website. If you are a big fan of North American sports TV & entertainment, then EZTV is the best torrent site for you.

The website has undergone many changes due to copyright issues. The hostname of the EZTV changes coordinately so you might need to stay tuned to their update to get the new URL of EZTV.


  • Year of Establishment:2009

  • Region: United States

  • Monthly users: 24.25 million

Best Torrent Sites 2022

LimeTorrents is a torrent search engine which has a very stable user group, with over 10 million torrent files available on website.

LimeTorrents has a range from movies and TV shows to games and anime. The website offers the newest torrent list that showcases the 100 most recently uploaded torrent files.

The site has a relatively good reputation among the best torrent sites and maintains a stable operation under strict regulation.


  • Year of Establishment:2010

  • Region: United States

  • Monthly users: 7.89 million

Best Torrent Sites 2022

Torlock is a torrent file search engine and download site that indexes movies, TV shows and soap series, videogames, etc. The site has an extensive database of torrents and presents a clean user interface.

Users can be rewarded with $1 if they find a fake connection in the Torlock database, which ensures that the torrent files provided by Torlock are authentic and reliable.

Torlock has over 5 million vetted torrent files in its database and over 7.89 million users visit the site every month.

Pcgamestorrents (

  • Year of Establishment: 2018

  • Region: United States

  • Monthly users: 10.55 million

Best Torrent Sites 2022

The PCgamestorrents is a computer game-based torrent file website. Inspect from the genre, it covers almost all categories of modern computer games – action, roleplaying, adult, strategy, anime, you can even find the newest VR games on the website.

Again, you might need a VPN to hide your identity in order to avoid potential copyright issues – also part of the online games will need you to use a VPN, you can get to know about this game's VPN guidance.

The PCgamestorrents has too many pop-up ads which cannot even be blocked by your ad blockers, thus making the user experience poor and leading to a gradual decline in visits. Also, it lacks an index of older video games but focuses on newer released games that may also be disfavored by part of the users.

Using the BitTorrent protocol for file sharing is legal in itself, but the possibility that a publisher may have distributed copyrighted files without permission remains controversial.

Best Torrent Sites 2022

In some countries, users who install BitTorrent applications on their computers, or download torrent files, may be subject to criminal charges, which may get you into unnecessary trouble.

Copyright holders may require ISP operators to provide a history of downloaded seed files, and you can avoid these problems if you access seed download sites through a VPN connection. In this case, a performed best free VPN for Windows will do help.

Almost all torrent sites will inform you that “do not download the torrents files without using a VPN”. Again, to avoid possible legal suits & copyright problems, you surely need to adapt VPN for PC before downloading a torrent on the best torrent websites.

The iTop VPN could be your best option to help you mask your identity online while downloading torrents and keep you away from possible regulatory issues. Also, with the connection to private & geo-spoofing, you might be able to bypass the network restriction and access torrent contents easier.

Best Torrent Sites 2022

Also, the iTop VPN is completely free-to-use. You don’t need to subscribe & bill your VPN before using it, just click & use. iTop VPN offers 500MB of traffic for you to use and the traffic rolls out every day.    

How to Use iTop VPN

It isn’t hard to use iTop VPN at all, just download the iTop VPN from official page. Then install the software.

Best Torrent

After the installation, double click & run the iTop VPN. Click the round “Connect” button.

Best Torrent Sites 2022

Then you are connected to the secured private network & good to go!

This post is about the newest best torrent site for 2023. Remember that there is a copyright risk while downloading unauthorized resources & DMCA-protected contents. Make sure your use a VPN when you are downloading torrents on the best torrent site! Good luck and have fun!

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